James Room – The Spartan King

I commissioned Nefertiti Stagewear for the highest quality fabric and craftsmanship, knowing the finished Spartan stagewear Lisa would create for me would steal the show. And it did!

My journey into bodybuilding was a rocky one. Growing up in Birmingham with my family, I was passionate about Sports – especially running and anything competitive. I played rugby for my school and had a bad tackle and tore my ACL. I spent years dislocating my knee often, I wasn’t certain of the ACL tear until I was 23. Struggling to gain weight at age 14, I started weight training and at age 18 I started boxing. I was carded to fight within 3-months and ended up being the fittest I had ever been. However, I couldn’t get many fights due to my weight and ended up taking a fight 2-Stone over my own weight – not the best move as I ended up tearing my thumb tendons. I decided to give the fight game a rest; at almost 20 and still only weighing 8-Stone it was time to concentrate on the weights. My brother was already competing at the early age of 14, and I had really loved seeing his shows, especially the performance side as I enjoy music, street dance, jazz and footwork, etc.

I trained at home for years in between jobs, as a builder in the day and youth worker in the evenings. When I was 22 I did my first Latham’s show, taking 3rd place and Best Presentation. I went onto win three different British Championships in the English Physique Federation (EPF) under 75kg & over 85kg, and WPF under 85kg. I have great memories of competing in plenty of European shows abroad as well as in Johannesburg, South Africa where the crowd was amazing. Then it was back to the EFBB with 2nd place qualification for the British Finals, I felt I was looking my best. However, during training for the final, my right tricep came completely OFF whilst I was inclined dumbbell pressing. I had surgery and took a year off, I was then right back at it!

A couple more UK qualifiers and my weight was back down and I was competing at under 80kg. Just when I had started my prep in 2015, I fell through a garage roof and boom! my left tricep and elbow tore off and I dislocated my arm. Devastated but determined that this was not the end of my competitive bodybuilding career, I had surgery and started my own recovery training. I then won the Midlands IBFA 3-months later! I then went on to win the British Final and Overall and Best Presentation. That’s when the Spartan was born! I took 2nd in the World at the IBFA and the following year I was back to win the world title and the Overall and Best Presentation. That year I also took the UPBF World title and the NAC British title.

The Road to the Universe in Sapri, Italy is next with my Spartan Queen Gemma Lancaster. “No retreat, No surrender. That is Spartan law!!”

Success, I,am now the 2018 IBFA Mr Universe. I won Best presentation in my Spartan themewear and conquered IBFA Europe couples category with my queen.

My Competition History:

  • 2018 IBFA O/45s Mr UNIVERSE
  • 2018 IBFA UNIVERSE Best Presentation Winner
  • 2018 IBFA Europe couples winner
  • Latham’s Show
  • IBFA Midlands winner
  • IBFA British Champ
  • IBFA World Champ
  • UPBF World Title
  • NAC British Champ

Also Competed – EPF,WPF, EFBB,

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