Journey to the Bodybuilding stage as a mum of 3 – Hannah Stone

As I am a mother of 3, with 2 dogs and my own business, when I decided I wanted to begin bodybuilding, I was aware of the impact and time I would have to give up for it, I was prepared to do this.

I make sure I organize everything daily as much as I can, batch cooking for the week… my husband, Dan also really helps me manage everything. I’m up early every day, I sometimes manage to get my cardio in before the kids even wake up, or sort emails for work. I am always making lists to keep on top of things definitely helps and just programming in an hour a day in the gym part of it. If your goal is that important, you will make it work.

I have amazing girls at the salon and trust them with everything and it runs just as smooth with or without me there as the salon has been established for 13 years now, when the salon first opened, I worked 40+ hours a week with no staff, it’s grown and grown and now I can take a step back. I now like to concentrate on my permanent makeup. The kids are older now too so they are fine at home after school for a bit if I’m not there. It’s all about the balance!

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