Nefertiti Stagewear is a competitive bodybuilding stagewear clothing brand based in Devon, England. Each customised piece of stagewear is British designed and made by me, Founder Lisa Zaple, in the UK.

I am dedicated to creating unique competition stagewear, from bodybuilding posing trunks to enhance the glutes to competition figure suits and stage bikinis. I keep it bespoke, stylish and classy so competitors can wear it with pride on stage.

Nefertiti Stagewear has helped bodybuilding competitors and sponsored professional athletes win awards worldwide. Fast becoming a leading brand in the bodybuilding community, all our products are of the highest quality and can be tailored to suit any body shape.

My strong work ethic has given me a reputation amongst competitive bodybuilders; my ensembles are of the highest standard and fabric, well-thought-out stunning designs which can be trusted on competition day. Likewise, my judgement can be trusted, having a full understanding of the bodybuilding industry and what it takes to succeed at competition level.


I am a stagewear designer who puts her heart into every fabric, with 35-years experience in manufacturing producing uniforms for the Military and Police across the UK and worldwide. My sewing skills and attention to the finer details, along with my passion for bespoke designs for family and friends, helped me expand into the world of competitive bodybuilding stagewear – an escape from the ‘law and order’ lifestyle I’ve lead. Word of my stunning hand stitched competition stagewear spread in the competitive bodybuilding community and Nefertiti Stagewear was established in 2015.

My working team includes young designers who help with the embellishments of suits or the making of theme wear. We stay informed of anything happening in the bodybuilding community from Expos to highlighting a Bodybuilding Athlete with possible sponsorship in mind.

To shop the Nefertiti Stagewear Collection, click here. To work with Nefertiti Stagewear or discuss your competitive bodybuilding stagewear requirements and measurements, please use the contact form or call 07814-207245.

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