Men’s Competitive Bodybuilding Stagewear

Nefertiti Stagewear offers a large range of men’s competitive bodybuilding stagewear with customisation options. Our stagewear is one-of-a-kind, fitted and cut individually, not factory-made. We focus on how to accent the body of the contestant to show off your hard work.

We work closely with you to ensure an individually designed stage look carefully tailored to glamorise and add style and sophistication to bodybuilders on stage. Your stagewear can be made to a particular size and can include your favorite logo, rhinestones or a complete range of coverage in diamante rhinestones for that extra stage presence. Shop the Nefertiti Stageware Collection or contact us here.

Anubis gym wear is designed to support you on your bodybuilding journey. Wicking fabric keeps you comfortable while working out and a hand-embroidered Anubis adorns the front.

We are trading though with extra safety precautions. Please call if you need more information.