Specialising in quality handmade custom stagewear for the bodybuilding community gives Nefertiti Stagewear endless opportunities to make bespoke costumes for clients. With 37-years experience in manufacturing, we can create beautiful garments with embellishments, Rhinestones, feathers, logos and more. Collaborate with our talented team on your vision, and we will create a winning masterpiece of your very own. Call Lisa and her team to get started.


Using high-quality fabrics and components like leather, leatherette, fleece, metal, foam, binding and rivets, we were able to create this ultra dynamic Spartan stagewear.

For this theme-wear, authenticity and precision were paramount. The leather briefs had an adjustable codpiece and a belted waist, whilst the Leatherette trunks under the leather top briefs were fashioned with rivets around codpiece.

The arm cuffs and leg greaves were made from thick foam with cement glue being used in the assembly and then spray painted. The robe was created from red fleece which was then pleated and draped, attaching a metal buckle. There was a false back put in the robe to give the illusion of a large hood. When making these costumes I have to always bear in mind that the wearer can take the outfit off, step-by-step, with ease to reveal their physique.

IBFA spartan
IBFA Midlands spartan


I came up with this theme wear after a long-time desire to create a Mohican-style headpiece. The stagewear was a natural extension of that idea.

We created the frame from galvanised wire, moulding it into the required shape. This was then attached to a plastic helmet (lightweight to allow for smooth movements on stage) and both were covered with foam and fabric using a glueing technique and hand stitching.

From there we started to carefully and meticulously arrange the feathers and build height. We used leather and antique gold rivets on the headpiece trims, and the same glueing technique as before. A velvet bikini was designed and made with feathers affixed onto it to match the headpiece. We plaited leather straps on the bikini and added the feather bustle. Rhinestones were painstakingly placed to emphasise the colour and cut for maximum impact on stage. We used a variety of methods including hand sewing, machine sewing, rivets, hot glueing, stoning. Attention to detail can be seen in the choice of fabrics and embellishments used – velvet, leather, feathers, rhinestones, and other components.