Journey to the Bodybuilding stage – Rich’s training

Training is something I have always done from a young age as a sporty kid, playing sports 5/7 times a week competitively. I have always enjoyed pushing myself and being competitive in one way or another. Getting stronger and looking better is a daily competition which I love. I train 2 days on, 1 day off on push-pull legs split. I haven’t always trained like this I was always a bro split kind of guy but have found so far this style suits me and I am getting good results from it.

One of the hardest parts is mainly the fear of failing and not succeeding in something I set out to do. I have always been a little vain and enjoyed looking in shape so that is a big part that keeps me motivated daily. At competitions, I like the fact that you have no idea who is showing up and with what package, you can only control your physique and stay focused on staying in your lane, not missing meals, training or cardio. I would lie if I was to say I don’t struggle with any of it. Of course, there are days you want to stay in bed instead of doing cardio or friends and family are going for a meal out and you have to take your prepped food with you because of the stage of prep you are in. These choices are never easy but that’s why not everyone is a bodybuilder and not everyone steps on stage shredded to the bone. I am most looking forward to seeing what package I can bring to the stage with the watchful eye of my coach Kuba Cielen.

We are trading though with extra safety precautions. Please call if you need more information.