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My Self- Mr. Honey Sam from India. My father was a government servant and my mother was a home maker. I belong to a middle class family with two siblings. I have been interested in bodybuilding since my childhood. I used to watch videos of bodybuilders and walk around my local Gym watching people training, but my parents forbid me to join. At one time I did join but my parents forcefully made me stop.

At the age of 17, I got very sick, I became very weak. After some time, my father bought me a tin of protein. I started getting stonger,this was when my parents relented and allowed me to join the gym.

Slowly I started building a physique but I didn’t have any knowledge of bodybuilding. I met different fitness trainers but I was not satisfied with their training methods for me.One of my friends took me to a Gym where I met a coach, he encouraged me by saying that my physique is good for bodybuilding and within three years he thought I would be good enough to participate in national championship,s and possible win gold medals.I thought about what he had said and started going to a Gym in Punjab and I got a personal trainer.
Within 2 months I had won 2nd prize in a district level competition.  I went on to won gold in state level championships a year later.

Unfortunately due to a lack of financial assistance from my family, I had to leave the bodybuilding profession as this game is a costly one. Within me, I wanted to continue, so I saved enough money and was able to start again in 2013. I participated in some competitions and won several medals. It gave me new strength and hope, at the Same time I got a job offer at a Gym in Jammu and stayed there for 6 months before shifting to a new Gym in Samba. Things where brighter!

Then in 2015 while I was preparing for my competitions my father passed away with a heart attack. My preparation for competitions ceased for one year because of my father’s death. I struggled a
lot in all aspects of my life because all responsibilities of my family came on to my shoulders. I was suffering with stress and anxiety, for the next 3 years I continued in the same Gym, the training helped me with my mental stress.  I met a girl at the gym whom I liked very much, she used to admire my body structure. I had a change of gyms and I never met the girl again for many
months. Finally, I found her on Instagram but as soon as our conversation started it was cut off.  It was a hard time for me! I searched for her for two months. Then out of the blue she contacted me,
we started talking till late at night on Instagram. she told me she loved me on 21st May 2017, without wasting anytime, I proposed to her and she excepted.

I had been trying to open my own Gym but it was getting delayed because of different reasons. I was hopeless! This was when my Girlfriend introduced me to Jesus Christ  and I started offering prayer and experienced his grace and wonder working power in my life. I submitted my life to Jesus and accepted him as my personal Saviour and Lord. All my obstacles started vanishing. I started growing in my spiritual life too. Finally, by God’s grace, I could open my own Gym in Samba in October 2017 named as “WAR HOUSE GYM & SPA”. By God’s grace and with my girl’s support I could run my Gym effectively and got good business. I had started participating in competition again. I went to participate in the “Sheru Classic IFBB Pro League”, I was very excited that I was going to play in an international competition but because of some mistakes, I could not participate, I asked them personally but they didn’t allow me to perform. It was disheartening for me and I was in trauma. It knocked my confidence. On the 11th March, I participated in the “Uttrakhand Shahid Classic”. I won 2nd prize and the judges also appreciated me and encouraged me. This helped me to regain my confidence.

I took some time off  and got married on 18th April 2018 in a local church. Now, my wife is also getting trained properly in this field so that both of us will move ahead together. We support each other a lot. I am very thankful to God for giving me such a wonderful wife and supporter. In the future I want to prepare hard and participate in international level competitions.

My Competition History:

  • 11th March 2018 Uttrakhand Shahid Classic 2nd place
  • 4 Gold medals in state-level competitions
  • 1 Gold medal in North India competitions
  • 1 Gold and 1 Silver in National Competitions

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