James Young – Dedication from an early age

I owe a big thanks to Nefertiti Stagewear for supplying my posing trunks for the 2017 contest, they were a perfect fit for me.

I started bodybuilding training at age 13 to help with my martial arts. I am now 58 and the longest enforced break in training I have had in 45-years has been 4 months. I was always fascinated by muscle and from a very young age, I always wanted a muscular physique. Bodybuilding quickly took over from martial arts and by age 20 I had completed my first contest.

Bodybuilding and training have always been a lifestyle for me and has helped me through the many problems that life can throw at us. It teaches self-discipline and provides a mental toughness that can be applied to other aspects of life. At age 58 I can and still do train as hard as I ever did and went back to competition in 2017 after a 23-year break, winning the over 50’s Mr Scotland title.

My early contest record was built up in the late 1980’s with Scottish wins and British top 6 placings. The early to mid-1990’s brought me wins in British, European and World Championship, twice! Although I enjoyed my competitive years it was never the most important thing as for me it was all about the training and finding my limits. I was a skinny youth of 56kg when I started training so anything is possible if you try hard enough. You may not become Mr Olympia but you can achieve what you thought was beyond you.

My Competition History:

  • 1980’s – Scottish & British wins
  • 1990’s – British, European & World wins
  • 2017 – Over 50’s Mr Scotland
  • 2019 – Over 60’s  IBFA Mr Derbyshire
  • 2019-  Over 60’s IBFA Britain 3rd
  • 2019-  IBFA Britain Couples Winners

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