From a young age I was always amazed by the physiques of the famous bodybuilders. Seeing Arnold, Zane, Nubret and then later seeing Dorian, Ronnie and Cutler just made me awestruck at how massive these guys could go. 
I was always a really skinny kid but loved running so my legs were pretty strong. I started training from about 15 yrs old but I just did whatever the others in the gym were doing. It wasn’t till January of 2016 I actually took the gym seriously and started prepping to see if I could make it to the stage. I had pretty much no knowledge and my friend Nige coached me day in, day out pushing me all the way. My first show was Mr Pennine for the IBFA and I won 2nd place to earn a place at the British finals. I didn’t place in the finals but it didn’t matter as I’d set out what I aimed to achieve. Then I got the bug and decided to go again in 2017 which culminated in a total of six trophies, 4 1st places and one of them being the Mr England Class 1 winner for the IBFA. In 2017 I approached Nefertiti Stagewear to help me stand out on stage, between us we designed the first Superman trunks, they were loved by everyone, it’s a bit of fun on stage but did the job I needed! The care put into making them really shows and more than worth what I paid. 

I think for me bodybuilding has helped me think so differently that I’m now so much more focused in work and training, I don’t get as stressed out at things and my life has really turned a corner to make me a better, more rounded person. I’m a lot happier and it shows in my family life, bodybuilding has really improved me and it’s something I intend on doing for a long time! 

Watch out next time I’m on stage as my next trunks from Nefertiti are going to be awesome!

My Competition History:

  • 2016 IBFA Mr Penine 2nd place
  • 4 1st places in national-level competitions in 2017
  • 6 total trophies in 2017

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