Journey to the Bodybuilding stage – introducing Hannah Stone

My Bodybuilding journey began last January 2019 after watching my friends show the previous year, it planted a seed of curiosity whether I could do it myself. With 3 kids, 2 dogs and my own beauty salon business, I knew I would have a challenge on my hands. I have always enjoyed exercise and used to run regularly as well as the odd fitness class. When I looked into PCA Federation and saw they have an Exeter show in April, I had made up my mind, I was going to go for it. I started to do some research and also spoke with the friend that had also competed and he advised I needed a diet coach. He recommends me to Guy Harding. I had a meeting with Guy and started my first prep straight away. My body responded really quickly so I entered the ‘first-timers’ show in Birmingham in March. Of course, I needed a bikini and that’s when I met Lisa. Guy had recommended me to her and she was fantastic. We discussed colours and style and she got it just right. As I was 35, I entered the master’s category, it was a big group but I WON!! It was such a great experience and loved all the glam that went with it.

I carried on with prep into April and then did the Exeter show and came first also. What a feeling! Both of these shows were qualifiers for the British finals so I had an invitation to that in October. I enjoyed my summer and went back onto prep in August after my holiday. 7 weeks in, I decided to enter NFMUK Show Masters Bikini and Fit Mums Class. I came first in Masters Bikini and second in Fit Mums. These also were big classes so I was over the moon, also considering I had only prepped for 7 weeks. That day I also got entered into there Pro Show Masters Bikini and I came 2nd. I reused my bikini for these shows and still looked great, however, I had a new one being made for the finals!!! I choose a teal green and lots and lots of stoning.

When the date for the finals came around, I was in the best ever shape I had ever been in. The bikini was amazing and I received so many compliments. There were 15 in my class and I took the top spot! This has now qualified me for the World Championships in May this year which I’m now prepping for. We are going for a different style bikini this time and I cannot wait to see it finished!!

My training consists of 6 weight workouts with cardio added on depending on how my weekly check-ins go. I love this part of the sport, its 1.5 hours away from everything, you time. I train with my husband and he pushes at every workout, he’s my rock, and I couldn’t do it without him. When it’s those last few weeks, he’s there to push me through.

I find the hardest part of all of it, the diet, especially the first few weeks into prep, it takes time to switch over your mindset and to refocus and stay disciplined. The key to success is to be as organised as you can with prepping food so it is there when you’re hungry and you don’t just grab the wrong thing. I do a batch cook for my foods twice a week then daily, I just have to worry about the kids. Thanks to Lisa for the sponsorship she’s offered me this year, I’ll always wear these bikinis with pride and showcase them at their best!

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